“Life is a great big canvas
and you should 
throw all the
paint on it that you can!”

–Danny Kaye


While being proficient in many mediums and using art in several artistic professions, my strongest love is playing with watercolor. A watercolor set was my first creative tool as a child and it has been my medium of choice ever since. For many, the necessity of “leaving the light” and, as I call it, painting “backwards” is too complicated. Truly, you cannot easily add light once it is gone as you can in acrylics or oils. Knowing when to quit is the gift (smile).

Illustrating with fine detail and realistically have their place in my work, but my greatest joy comes from randomly splashing or stroking color onto a waiting sheet of wet paper and letting the result tell me which direction to go. Each stroke tells me what the next one should be. With this process I have no end result in mind—I just let it keep talking to me until I reach the nebulous “knowingness” that it is finished. How I know I cannot define.

My work is dynamic, bright, curvaceous, full of color. It reflects my love of life, people, color, and beauty; of staying young, alive, and childlike; of thinking outside of the box – having the courage to trust and enjoy the process without having to know the outcome. I encourage you to do the same.