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I am engaged in many aspects of art and wanted a space for you to get acquainted with the style and quality of my work.

Commissions, sales and consultations can be done by appointment until this site matures to a full online store. We get to keep it real and personal for now.

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Cynthia Hallstrom has been called to art since childhood, playing mainly with watercolors and pastels. In her early teenage years she became intrigued with letter styles which led her to a 35 year career in the sign industry, from hand-lettering to computerized sign design. The sign jobs kept getting larger until she was working on boom lifts producing large-scale wall graphics for schools.

To stretch her love of color and design, she became certified in Interior Redesign (“No New, Just You”) and Real Estate Staging. Clearing clutter and making spaces work jazzes her. In her personal art the creations of Cynthia’s imagination are bright, dynamic, fluid, and colorful. While she enjoys experimenting with many methods and mediums, watercolor is often her first choice for mock-ups and illustration. She does render realism, but left to her own devices, abstract often wins out.